Admit it, your life TOTALLY SUCKS!
You’re sick and tired of being the last person in the queue for all the good things!
You miss out while everyone else get all the breaks!

This is where YOU turn the tables on all that.

It’s not YOUR fault.

Everything you’ve been told about being a MAN is a LIE.

But I’m going reveal the REAL truth!

You're about to discover the hidden rules that get what YOU want from life, love and career...

And it's so Simple and Effective that any man can reap immediate rewards!

Hi, I'm Simon D Allen,

And I want to share with you my Noble method to allow you to get a raise, improve your health, and meet the woman of your dreams…

.. even if right now you’re a mediocre, unfulfilled and unhappy slob.

Or the wrong side of 40 and your world has fallen apart and you're lost...

Before I get started I need to ask you a few questions…

Are you living the life you dreamed of when you were young?

Do you you have a great house, beautiful and loving wife or girlfriend, money, and status?
Is your social life active and fun with a load of great friends and acquaintances?

If the answer isn’t  “YES” to all, or even any of those then I want to give you massive kudos for coming here, today, at just the right time…

Because I can help you become the man you were destined to be before well-meaning people lied to you.

But don’t blame them; they were lied to as well.

In fact, those lies go back generations.

They hark back to a time when the rich and powerful wanted to make sure your ancestors were kept down.

That doesn’t have to continue with you.

Today I can help you supercharge your life in ways you’ve given up on!

  • Self assurance and confidence like you’ve never known
  • Respect and authority at work
  • Social ease and admiration
  • A great physique that women are attracted to
  • A love life that meets ALL your needs

And this might sound crazy, but I guarantee you can get all this and more without:

  • Turning yourself into a jerk you'd hate
  • Cutting out your favorite foods
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Paying for everything
  • Alienating your friends
  • Doing anything you don’t want to

I told you it sounds crazy. And I don’t want to mislead you…

In fact, I’m going to give you the unquestionable evidence about this unknown set of rules and why they all work so amazingly well.

 I want you to forget everything you thought you knew about 
 dating, money, and success

You heard me, if you believe that being a man others aspire to be like requires:

  • An Ivy League education
  • Knowing the right people
  • Vast wealth
  • Driving a flash car
  • Eating in fancy restaurants

Then I’m here now to tell you that this is completely and totally, 1000% wrong.

There is a simple way!

You see, the answer to why you lack confidence is NOT that you’re unlucky… and it’s not that you were born a loser… it’s not even that you haven’t had the right break…

Instead, achieving the lifestyle you truly desire - no, deserve…

All comes down to something really simple that has nothing to do with your background, education, social status, qualifications, or the usual things people think…

It’s a surprisingly easy set of 8 Laws that works for any guy, of any age, shape, schooling, or background.

These 8 Laws For Men are an amazing breakthrough in how to position yourself for success unknown to most psychologists, behaviorists, and lifestyle consultancy professionals…

that enables you to start receiving the benefits within the first month - and see personal growth compounded as you go…

All by utilizing little known but powerful mind hacks and practices that stick in your brain for good…

These 8 Laws:

  • Increase your confidence and self esteem
  • Gain you respect, pay raises, and promotion at work
  • Improve your health and physique
  • Raise your sociability and popularity
  • Turn you into a superhost
  • Enhance your individuality and style
  • Transform you into a man women want to be with
  • And Many More ...

A proven, systematic approach to turning the average no hope guy into a MAN of MEANS without hard, troublesome work…

giving you the enviable life you crave no matter your abilities…

All by working WITH your mental capabilities and not against your usual behaviors, so you can create the changes in an easy to achieve, incremental and pleasurable way…

Finally, this fun and easy, fast acting method that WORKS… without taking over your life!

The great thing is, following the 8 Laws WILL work for you…

  • Even if you’ve tried other programs without success
  • Even if you’ve given up on yourself
  • Even if all your friends think you’re a loser
  • Even if you don’t really believe things can ever change
  • (No joke, this has worked for others and it will work for you)

See, if confidence techniques, diet plans or dating tricks haven’t given you that super sonic boost in the past, then it is NOT your fault.

In fact, there are several reasons why scattergun, disparate programs NEVER work for a holistic ‘cure’ long-term… 

Five Reasons Why Conventional Self-Help Programs for Men Never Work:

1. Everything You’ve Been Told About What It Means To Be A Man Is WRONG.

All your life you’ve probably been told to “do this”, “do that”, “do the other” by teachers, parents’, or bosses in the expectation you’ll get what you want. But these are downright LIES.

Recent studies have shown that what look like overwhelming life changes are actually easy if systematized, they are actually MORE EFFECTIVE than a piecemeal approach.

 2. Conventional Career Advice Is Never Designed To Solve The ROOT CAUSE of Under-Achievement.

The truth is, working away at a job day after day, hoping you’ll get noticed and hoping that the advice you’ve been given about working harder and longer is NOT the answer.

In fact the harder you push yourself the worse this poor strategy works. You get MORE TIRED and less productive.

3. Counting The Pounds (or Kg) On Your Bathroom Scales Is NOT The Answer.

In fact, neither is counting calories. Where those calories come from is much more crucial.

Your weight doesn’t make a difference - Muhammad Ali spent his time putting ON weight... Would you have called him a fatso?

4. Most Self Improvement Programs Are Too Restrictive.

Changing one thing one thing only helps that thing. You need a holistic strategy to improve your life FOR GOOD. You could go out and purchase a load of different courses. But they won’t give you a “joined-up” schedule guaranteed to succeed.

5. Conventional Guides Are Too Limited And Impossible To Follow.

Many self-help guides go so deeply into one area of a man’s life and the work required so detailed that it’s difficult to memorize. It’s impossible to keep all these tiny details in mind in normal life.

And then other areas aren’t dealt with and problems from those creep in and undo ALL YOUR HARD WORK.

Following the simple 8 Laws will beat
any other program, method, or plan…
Without taking over your life!

Following the 8 Laws will forever change your life for the better. All the things that EVERY man wants will be yours when you’ve adopted the simple steps and stick to them.

Once you’re on your way you can build on what you’ve learned to compound the BENEFICIAL EFFECTS you’ll start gaining within the first few weeks.

You may have thought you were too old and set in your ways to make the changes necessary to lose your gut, build your confidence, or get the girls. But you’re wrong!

The 8 Laws give you a full set of tools to handle everything to make you a stable, secure, enlightened man who other men want to befriend and women want to date.

You may have thought that you don’t have the willpower to stick to a life change plan… but with the 8 Laws, you will be AMAZED at how easy and natural it is to integrate this into your life… because unlike other ‘programs’, it allows you to live your life the way YOU want to… you will love the results so much you will look back at your old self and wonder who that guy was!

Who Am I And Why Did I Formulate these 8 Laws?

Hi, as I mentioned earlier I’m Simon D Allen…

And as a man who wasn’t always in such a good place, I wish I’d known everything I know now when I was 18.

I want to be open with you, I’m not a psychologist with a fancy degree or a university professor with a highfalutin PhD…

I’m just an average guy who was going through a tough personal time……

who stumbled across the secret  to getting a man’s life on track when everything had gone so wrong.

I was really struggling, sinking fast, with three young children relying on me.

Unhappy in my failing business.

Desperately trying to keep the money rolling in to cover the bills, yet helpless to know what to do about it.

Everything I did seemed to make things worse…

But then something happened that changed EVERYTHING for me…

And in order to to tell you about this life-changing discovery and show you exactly how it can turn everything around for you, I need you to hear my shocking story...

I did really well in my early career, got promoted over and over…

Headhunted to much higher paid and senior positions a bunch of times.

Life was good, I drove cool cars, had two houses, and a wife and young family.

I moved in the right social circles. I was living the dream life that all ambitious men strive for.

Then the economy tanked and things started to change…

The downward slope was slippery, things just seemed to go wrong at every turn.

And no matter what I did it just got worse.

We were much reduced in circumstances by then, living in a tiny rented house, having to choose between heating or food - it was BAD.

Then my wife announced she was moving out and taking the kids with her…

To live with a guy she’d been cheating with.

My elder son refused to go with her, he was staying no matter what.

He was the one light in the dark that kept me going, without him I’d have gone under…

I was crushed.

My daughter wanted to stay too, but she was so young she found it hard to resist her mother's wishes.

She ran away from her mom’s one day.

I’m finding it difficult to do justice to the chaos in my life and the emotional battering I was experiencing.

I did manage to keep a roof over my head - just…

Then Christmas came around and I had to provide something good for my youngsters.

I managed to scrape enough cash for a video console and game for my 13 year old boy.

But we had no tree or festive decorationsin the house.

Then on Christmas Eve I got paid a for a bit of work I’d done.

Jubilation, I bought a small turkey crown, vegetables, and other ingredients for our Christmas dinner.

At 5pm on Christmas eve, just minutes until the stores closed for the holidays my son and I had to hurry.

We went into a local market and the traders were selling off their stock - a tree for $1.50, lights and other decorations for another $10.

The next morning my son was was pleased with his gift - just what he wanted.

I got busy in the kitchen and created a Christmas dinner for two.

We sat at one end of the table together enjoying our food.

I’d provided him with a decent Christmas, but I was breaking inside.

I missed my wife and other two kids - Christmas-time seemed to amplify my pain.

I felt like a total failure, a waste of space as a man, no use to anyone...

I’d grown up and been taught that my purpose in life was to be strong, capable, to solve all problems.

To earn a good living, find a wife, settle down and make a family.

To put myself last and provide for my family’s every need and wish.

And I’d done a good job for a while, better than most - which made it harder to bear.

I now spent my nights sleepless, feeling crushingly lonely, and trying to work out a solution to my situation.

I looked at the success of my rich friends.

Their lucrative businesses, their jet-setting lifestyles, and I envied how it easy it all seemed for them.

Over that Christmas break I had a bit of time to think and realized that I had three options:

Option 1:

Do nothing, keep working until, hopefully, business improved.

Option 2:

Find a high paying, part-time job that allowed me all the time off I needed as a single parent.

Option 3:

I could take responsibility, believe in myself and find the solution I KNEW had to be out there somewhere.

I knew things couldn’t continue as they had been..

 So I chose option 3 and took action! 

To begin with I didn’t have a clue.

My situation was so bad that I saw it as one BIG, INSURMOUNTABLE PROBLEM.

It was like looking at a wall 12 feet high with my nose pressed right up against it.

That wall looked like it went up and up forever, with no way of getting over the top.

Then one day in early January a leaflet was pushed through my front door.

It was a new year offer from a local gym.

For two weeks only they had a special deal: unlimited membership, with access to all their facilities, for only $15 per month.

At about the same time a friend emailed me a link to an online dating program.

Those two things combined in my head and I realized that I could actually do something about my situation, that there were people out there who could help.

The problem was I couldn’t afford both…

One or the other - which should I choose?

Maybe it was due to my state of mind, but I just couldn’t believe what that dating guide promised.

I had a “bullshit filter” that stopped me believing it.

It was also quite expensive!

However, I was so lonely and sex-starved that I really wanted to find a girl - so I kept thinking about that course, even though it was way more than I felt I could spend on myself.

That left the gym.

I knew my health wasn’t what it could be, I was asthmatic, kept catching colds and ‘flu.

I was a weakling, and a little overweight.

So I went to see the gym owner who told me that, if I committed to go two or three times a week, after a month I’d be feeling much better.

He was a decent guy and I felt I could trust him, so I signed up.

He hadn’t lied to me.

After a few weeks of the exercise program he put together for me my fitness and stamina were greater.

I stopped getting sick so often, and I started talking to other members too.

One of the things that had put me off gyms previously was that I thought I’d have to lift heavy weights all the time.

I learned so much there - and my results were startling

I was fitter, feeling better about myself, but it wasn’t enough.

I’d made a small discovery about the many benefits of exercise; but there was still something missing…

My mind kept bringing me back to that dating course. I still couldn’t afford it, so I talked to a couple of long standing female friends for their advice on what to do.

I thought that surely women would be able to tell me what girls want in a man and it would be no time before I’d have a girlfriend.

I did get an insight into how women feel about men, what they might look for, but nothing that I could apply to my own life.

It was all contradictory and unfocused.

My male friends were just as “helpful”, all they suggested was searching online, because I didn’t get out much.

So I got onto a dating site, uploaded a few pictures, and wrote a description - following all the guidance the site gave.

After a few weeks of sending messages, and getting no response, I decided that I would not continue after the free trial period ended.

What most people believe about finding a mate is completely FALSE.

I discovered this the hard way.

I worked out that my marriage failed for the very same reasons, and that my current difficulties were down to the same things too.

I was no further forward, or so I thought.

True, I had no girlfriend, but I’d discovered something very important.

Something small, but crucial to finding the right woman.

I now knew I was on to something, the answer was close, I could feel it…

But it was still just beyond my grasp…

After more research, more time, and more lack of progress I could feel desperation setting in.

I’d come a long way, but it still wasn’t enough.

Finally, I grasped the nettle and ordered that dating guide.

It turned out to be really good, I followed the program, read and reread it’s advice.

I learned all sorts of secrets to understanding women and how they function.

The reasons why so many men get things wrong.

Then I had to put all that theory into practise…

That’s where things got more difficult.

It’s all very well reading about what to do, but actually remembering it all when you’re out in the wild is far more complex.

If I was under pressure I had trouble remembering the scripts.

If I did recall them they sounded false and contrived.

It just wasn’t me.

Rather than give up, I absorbed more of what I’d learned from the experience and started thinking again.

Some of the things I’d learned were wonderful, and I applied those to my life.

It was definitely improving; I was becoming more sociable, I’d started making new friends, and I was feeling less isolated.

But there was something else; my business was picking up.

More money was coming in so the financial situation was improving greatly.

It took me a lot of reflection to work it out.

What I’d been doing was rebuilding my self-esteem.

That new found confidence was having a positive effect on my earnings too.

So let’s take stock; my health and fitness were much better, I’d learned a load of things that didn’t work, as well as the beginnings of what might.

In addition, I was better off financially.

I was so close to finding the solution that I could smell it.

I could feel it’s breath on my face, all I needed to do was reach out and take it.

I was incredibly frustrated that I was this close but still not found that definitive answer.

It seemed that all the pieces were there, but not in the right place.

And then it came to me, I was almost blinded by how obvious the answer was.

But why hadn’t anyone told me about this before?

Why hadn’t I read about this in men’s magazines, on the web, and why no TV programs?

It had been staring me right in the face for years.

Lot’s of secrets and little-known solutions were there, but nobody had put it together.

It’s like all the guys in the world knew that 2 + 2 = 4, but none of them knew how to get to 10.

Having worked all this out I was impatient to test it all out on my own life.

I followed what I’d learned and put it together in a sequence.

I had partial success. I became popular in my circle of acquaintances. I started being invited to events, women were showing interest.

But it wasn’t quite right.

I hadn’t sealed the deal yet.

So I reworked it, same ingredients but slightly different mixture.

This time it worked better, I began getting dates, but nothing serious.

Business also increased, and I was having fun again.

But once more, it was almost right but not quite there yet.

I could get most of what I wanted, but not completely.

After a few more iterations I had it down. And that was when things REALLY started happening for me.

That was when I knew I had a solution that worked for me, and would work for any man.

It was almost as if what I’d worked out were the laws of nature for being a MAN, and not just a grown up boy.

What I’d created were 8 LAWS to abide by for living my life.

I was so excited having divined all that research, all that knowledge, and I applied the practise to every part of my life, at every opportunity.

And I was so hopeful it would work, but even I could never have expected what happened next

Party invitations appeared…

The orders at work flooded in…

I goinvited to go on free holidays at home and abroad…

Women started approaching me, asking me out, and paying me lots of attention

At first only my family began to notice the changes.

They said, “we’ve got the old Simon back”.

Then friends could see the difference, one guy said to me, “you seem like the kind of man who doesn’t have trouble getting women”.

It was a revelation.

And then I was in a position where I was dating three different women at the same time - nothing serious, of course. It’s not right to disrespect any girl, or two-time them.

One day I got a call into my office, one of my female customers needed a bit of assistance. It turned out she liked the sound of me - she sent me three Facebook friend requests before I accepted.

Not long after, we arranged a date - she was absolutely the woman of my dreams.

Fun, beautiful, and sexy.

And she thought the same of me.

What I realized was that everything I’d been through, all the experiences, and all the analysing to come up with my 8 Laws, had prepared me to be ready for her.

She wasn’t just the woman I’d always dreamed of, I was the man she’d waited all her life to meet too.

(We’ve been together for over 7 years now, very happily married for 4, and it just gets better and better. I can’t conceive of living my life without her. But having learned the 8 Laws thoroughly I know I’d survive and be okay if I lost her, but I don’t want that.)

I’d gone from zero to hero.

And that’s when people started asking what my secret was.

Being a generous person who likes to help, I started to share what I’d learned with a few men who really needed it.

I was part of an online group of guys who helped each other out and was more than happy to assist others. And as I shared my secret Laws they started to experience incredible results too.

Dave H got his Swedish girlfriend back - even though she had to constantly travel to the US to see him. And Will in Buffalo started selling cars to his customers again, winning a sales award that year (his ex came back too when she saw how much his life had improved).

And then there was Dave P, he’d been chasing a woman for years and got himself well and truly into the friendzone. He was desperate, needy and miserable; I helped him turn that friend into a lover - just as he’d always wanted.

It was weird being the go-to-guy for advice like this. The person consulted to coach and support men through their various life stages and relationships.

I just couldn’t keep up with everyone’s needs. The demand for my time and help was overwhelming me, and I’d promised myself that I’d never again neglect my OWN needs.

In fact, dealing with all those guys was emotionally draining - I had to do something differently.

Then I had another blinding flash of inspiration…

What if I could turn everything I had learned into an online course that any guy could use?

OK, great idea, but I had to promise myself three things.

If I was going to do this then:

  • Really simple to use, with as many “done for you” elements as possible
  • Fast acting, so that you can expect results within a matter of weeks
  • Tested and proven to work, so nobody could fail

Now, after months of development, long days and late nights, hard work, passion and tears I’m so excited to introduce the step-by-step program that anyone can use to grow their confidence, improve their career, and triumph in love.

A program I call…

 8 Laws For Men: 

Getting What YOU Want
from Life, Love and Career

This unique, never before seen program is a holistic approach to getting your entire life handled. After you’ve been through the complete course you’ll be the man you’ve always wanted to be, and other guys want to be…

All that without having to learn complicated scripts, spend every day in the gym, spend loads of money, or turn yourself into an asshole jerk.

I’ve put so much effort into this that failure is virtually impossible, just let me lead you by the hand and guide you through everything, step by step…

Here’s a small glimpse of what you’ll discover in my program:

  • The Noble Method - rise above other people’s bullshit. Learn how to be a cut above the average guy.
    - After you’ve got this down you’ll be respected and admired by everyone around you – at work, in your social life, and by love interest.
  • The Data Device - find out what being yourself really means and why it's so critical.
    - Once you’re REALLY comfortable with your authentic self, you can project the man you really are, everything you do becomes simpler.
  • The Peacock Principle - discover the hidden benefits of changing your style.
    - You’ll be noticed by everyone, you’ll be a stand-out guy instead of Mr Beige.
  • The Tiger Tactic -  other alpha males and bullies can be intimidating - not once you've uncovered this little secret.
    - Imagine yourself prowling through YOUR urban jungle being afraid of nothing and nobody – you’ll be totally self-assured after you learn this tactic.
  • The Royal Ritual - we all want to be liked - this is how.
    - Picture yourself a few months from now, surrounded by the in-crowd of beautiful people – you’d never have been invited to these events before. 
  • The Patron Program - revealed: how to be the perfect host.
    - Visualize yourself being the center of all attention, the guy everyone knows and appreciates.  You connect them to your valuable contacts – they’ll be eternally grateful to you. 
  • The Sage Schema - make more money methodology: finally exposed.
    - Unshackle yourself from the chains of poverty and strait-jacket of resentment – see yourself dripping with cash
  • The Hero Modus - attracting a great woman - secrets disclosed.
    - Envisage yourself finally having your perfect life partner with you, no more fantasizing your nights away. 

And this isn’t even HALF what you’ll find inside 8 Laws For Men.

I’m not even mentioning my “Mystery Means” which allows you to grow attraction…

Or my “Covert Code” that instantly builds curiosity…

In fact, there’s so much information in 8 Laws For Men that it would take an hour just to describe it to you.

There's the Natural Formula - finally uncovered - a method that makes dating easy...

The Scorpion System - want to know the secrets to perfect timing???

The Emperor Approach - underground mechanism for being treated with respect - always.

The Penguin Practice - master this methodology for confronting difficult events.

You’ll discover this, and so much more when you get this program today.

Can you imagine how your life will change when you never have to pretend to to be something you’re not, and no one attempts to bully or browbeat you?

Can you feel the power you’ll have when everyone wants you at their event?

Can you envisage the freedom you’ll feel when you’re no longer trapped doing something you hate?

Can you picture how incredible it’s going to feel when you KNOW you look amazing, and all eyes are on you?

And can you visualize being ASKED for a date by a glamorous woman?

So, are you ready to transform yourself into the authentic MAN you were destined to be?

Are you ready to become a MAN who deals with everything with ease; who men admire and women desire?

I think, because you’re still here, the answer is YES.

And you know that this is literally the only program of its kind… the only program that uses the intensely powerful 8 Laws For Men to allow you to advance your career, find a great girl, and be happier than you could have believed.

If you could follow this one, simple program and almost instantly get the life you’ve always wanted how much would that be worth to you?




I’m sure you’d agree that you can’t put a price on improving yourself when you consider how much happiness, meaning and achievement this will add to your life.

Yet, if you’ve read my story fully you’ll know I understand what it’s like to be living on a budget with a family to support, and to want something so badly but feel it’s financially just out of reach…

I also see so many guys struggling with depressing, no hope jobs and relationships, and spending hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on specialists trying to fix their problems, yet they get little or nothing permanent back from their investment…

I know exactly how this feels and I don’t want you to feel like that…

That’s why, when I was working out how much to charge for my program I flatly refused to charge the $235 recommended by my marketing consultant.

Even though I’m sure you’ll agree it’s totally worth $235 to change your life in so many ways, I don’t want the price to bar the way of anyone who truly needs this program…

Which is why today, you’re not going to pay $235 for my system.

You’re not going to pay $149.

You’re not even going to pay $99.

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So if you’re in the mood for a bit of private tuition, you can simply jump on your laptop, tablet, or phone right there, and just send your messages to me!

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